Our Technology Setup

Custom-built Hardware

To best cater to the needs and specs of the different networks, we deploy our bare-metal hardware specially tailored to the respective network. We personally assemble and stress-test each validator before putting it to action to guarantee an outstanding performance.

Tier 3+ Datacenters

Our hardware is co-located in top-notch, certified data centers in Munich. Guaranteed uptime, biometric security, and redundant power supply reinforce a continuous and secure operation of our validators. Given the proximity to our headquarter, we are always able to physically access our servers.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring

Every network is different. We make sure to find the best monitoring solution for each individual situation. When applicable, we use a state-of-the-art open-source stack using Prometheus & Grafana. If needed, we create proprietary monitoring software ourselves.
Our Validator Infrastructure
For our servers, we follow a multi-site setup across multiple datacenters in the heart of Europe. At each level, we have redundant networking including multi-homed DC uplinks, and provide high-availability between VM hosts. Our public connections are secured via proxy connections, whereas our private connections are secured via VPNs and whitelisting. We leverage cloud instances only where it is beneficial to foster the decentralization of each network we support.
Our Sustainability Goals
We strive to be as carbon efficient as possible in our daily operations. We exclusively work with certified data centers that provide a sustainable energy mix next to outstanding security standards.
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Engineered for performance and security

Staking Facilities utilizes bare metal configurations for peak performance and to enhance decentralization. Prioritizing compliance, cutting-edge automation, and system redundancy, our skilled team delivers dependable, secure, and streamlined services, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Bare-Metal: Our Self-Sufficient Tech Ecosystem

We operate self-owned, high-quality servers and assemble custom infrastructure, promoting decentralization without cloud provider reliance.

Resilience & Compliance: Our Security Mantra

We prioritize system resilience through redundancy, automate operations for increased security, and comply with MaRisk & MiCA standards.

Expertise: Supportive Tech Management

Our experienced team offers personal support, maintains intimate network knowledge, and manages all technical aspects for smooth updates.

Built for a better future

We prioritize renewable energy use in our blockchain operations and align with eco-friendly standards for all data center expansions. Our collaborations predominantly involve partners dedicated to promoting green energy practices.

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Post Mortem Reports

We are strong proponents of transparency and hence want to provide our stakeholders with a publicly available overview of post mortems that have happened ever since our founding in 2017.