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Enterprise-grade services today for the internet of tomorrow.

With a focus on compliance, advanced automation, and redundancy, our expert team ensures reliable, secure, and efficient operations, freeing you to concentrate on your projects.

Custody Solutions
Partnerships with Professional Custody Providers.
SLA Agreements
Fee reduction schedule if SLAs are not met.
Reseller Staking
Reward kickback through your customers.
Reward Reportings
Tax relevant documentation of your staking rewards.
Reward Reportings
Tax relevant documentation of your staking rewards.
Whitelabel Validator Solutions
Branded Infrastructure & Validation Services.
State-of-the-Art Legal Framework
Individually adjustable and catered to your needs.
Stable & Safe Jurisdiction
We are registered and based in Munich, Germany.
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Why stake with us

Customized Infrastructure

Operating ultra-secure and efficient bare-metal hardware, we ensure that emerging blockchain networks have top-tier infrastructure.

Compliance & Sustainability

Operating secure servers in ESG-compliant data centers, we support select, novel layer one blockchains and web3 projects.

Strengthened Network Security

By emphasizing network decentralization, our bare metal deployments bolster resilience, minimize third-party dependencies, and elevate network security.

Bridging Old and New

Marrying the innovations of the web3 economy with the pillars of the traditional sector, we catalyze blockchain technology's diffusion and adoption.

More than just a staking provider

We are not just a web3 provide, we are a team, driving the web3 vision with unwavering dedication. Partnerships with us are not merely transactional, they align with our ethos and contribute to our shared vision for a web3 future.

We prioritize integrity, operating transparently and staying true to our values. This authenticity is crucial for our partnerships.

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Staking Facilities offers us super quick and safe staking opportunities to leading protocols

Kyle Samani, Muticoin Capital
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