We are closing our Tezos Bakery by October 15th, 2021 - action required!

We kindly ask all of our current delegators to switch to a different baker as soon as possible, so that a continuous flow of rewards can be achieved. October 15th, 2021 will mark the last day of our Tezos Bakery. By that time we will stop paying out rewards for any cycles that follow! You can learn more here.



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Tezos Staking Tutorial

Your XTZs must be in a wallet or custodial account in order to use our staking services.

Staking Mechanics

Tezos Protocol Details

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Tezos is a liquid Proof-of-Stake, multi-purpose smart contract platform with the ability to conduct formal verification. It facilitates upgrades through a self-amending protocol as well as on-chain governance. Tezos is divided into three main protocols: network, transaction, and consensus.


What is the incentive to stake my XTZ?


Once you have staked your XTZ, you are contributing to the network's security. In return, you will receive rewards in the form of newly minted XTZ. Conversely, if you do not participate in staking, your assets will get diluted over time.

Do I maintain control of my XTZs when staking (baking) them?


The validator you delegate your tokens to is not able to access your funds at any point in time since you are only delegating your baking rights. At no point in time, we have control over your XTZs or your private key.

What are the risks associated with delegating my XTZs?


Unlike in other protocols, delegators can't be slashed. All the risk is with us as only bakers can be slashed. Nevertheless, we advise you to carefully choose your baker. Malicious or defective bakers might lose their baking rights, so that their delegators will miss out on future rewards until they re-delegated to another baker.

Furthermore, due to the current architecture of the Tezos protocol, all the rewards earned through a baker are sent to the baker and are not automatically forwarded to the delegators. It is your bakers’ responsibility to forward the rewards to you. In case you delegate to a malicious baker, you risk losing out on your rewards.

How much can I earn by delegating my XTZs to Staking Facilities?


It is essential for us to provide fair and transparent returns to our customers. That’s why we agreed on a 12.5 % fee for our service. Your earnings will look like this:

(Block Rewards + Endorsement Rewards + Block Fees)

* 87,5% * (Your Delegated Balance / Total Staking Balance of Staking Facilities)

We use the fees to fund operating costs and invest back in building tools and software to support the development of the Tezos ecosystem.

When will I receive my rewards?


If you are a first time delegator, you will have to wait roughly five weeks for your first rewards. Unfortunately this is stipulated by the Tezos protocol and not something we control. This period of five weeks is made up as follows: it takes 21 days (7 cycles) until your XTZs are eligible to earn rewards; it then takes another 15 days (5 cycles) until they become liquid and can be paid out.

After the initial waiting period of five weeks, you can expect payouts every cycle (~ 3 days). We distribute rewards as soon as they appear in our wallet. To ensure a timely and regular payout of our customers rewards, we developed a custom-build payout tool.

Are the rewards directly sent to me?


Your rewards are not directly sent to you but your baker. It is therefore important to choose a trustworthy and professional baker. Technically a baker could run away with it's delegators unpaid rewards. We are proud to have a strong track record for our baking services and can assure you to always forward your rewards to you on time thanks to our custom-build payout tool.

Where can I check my rewards?


You can monitor your rewards at https://tzstats.com/

Search for your "Delegator" address to see your rewards. Alternatively, if you are staking with us, you can also use our Staking Dashboard to track your rewards and conveniently export everything as a CSV.

What happens when you are over-delegated?


Once our capacity to place bonds is reaching a certain threshold we will allocate more capital to our baking node. We have set aside liquid capital to stay flexible.

Should you be interested in delegating a large amount of XTZs that would go beyond our current capacity, we kindly ask you to contact: wolfgang We will make sure to allocate enough of your own resources to best cater your needs.

What do I have to do if I want to sell my delegated XTZs?


In case you want to sell your XTZs, you need to un-delegate them first. This can be done anytime since there are no un-locking periods. After undelegating your funds and in case you delegated via a KT1 address, you need to send your XTZ to your main address (tz1) and from there to an exchange.

Are my rewards taxable?


Unfortunately we cannot answer this question in a general manner as tax regulation differs among legislations. Nevertheless, we advice you to always track your staking operations so you can provide a detailed history of your staking rewards.

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