Terms & Conditions

Staking Facilities
Terms and Conditions of Staking Facilities GmbH, Urbanstr. 7, 81371 Munich

1.1 WHEREAS, delegated proof of stake (DPoS) and nominated proof of stake (NPoS) are
blockchain consensus mechanisms which allow owners of Tokens (as defined below)
to delegate Tokens and thus validation rights (also known as voting rights)
corresponding to their Tokens to third-party validators (also known as delegates or
witnesses) without transferring ownership of their Tokens, whereby those third-party
validators offer the corresponding technical staking infrastructureto enable the Token
owners to participate in the respective proof of stake consensus mechanismus by
staking themselves (hereinafter "Staking Infrastructure") and thus potentially
generating rewards (hereinafter "Reward") which the token owners receive from the
respective Blockchain (as defined below) directly pay to the token owners, minus a
certain percentage which the third-party validator providing the Staking infrastructure
Services receive from the respective Blockchain (as defined below) keeps as a fee (plus
VAT) (hereinafter "Fee"), and

1.2 WHEREAS, SF is acting as such a third-party validator and is providing the
corresponding Staking Infrastructure Services, and

1.3 WHEREAS, Customer is owning tokens on the Blockchain (as defined below) and
wishes to delegate its Tokens (as defined below) and thus the validation rights
corresponding to his/her Tokens (as defined below) to SF which shall provide the
Staking Infrastructure Services.

2.1 The following provisions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) set
forth the general conditions pursuant to which Staking Facilities GmbH (hereinafter
referred to as “SF”) provides Staking InfrastructureServices to its contractual partner
(hereinafter referred to as “Customer”, together with SF the "Parties").
2.2 The Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively. Any terms and conditions of the
Customer that conflict with, differ from or supplement these Terms and Conditions will
not become an integral part of the contract unless SF has expressly consented in
writing to their application. In particular, consent shall not be deemed to be given even
if, in the knowledge of the Customer's terms and conditions, SF accepts – without any
reservations – orders, performs services or directly or indirectly refers to letters, etc.,
which contain the Customer's or third-party terms and conditions.
2.3 The agreement between the Parties on Staking InfrastructureServices under these
Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the "Agreement") shall be concluded by
- (offer) Customer delegating its tokens, which are mentioned in the List of Tokens
for which SF provides Staking Services ("Eligible Tokens") to the Staking
Address and
- (acceptance) SF starting to provide Staking InfrastructureServices to such
Customer,Staking Facilities – Terms and Conditions
whereby the Customer waives the requirements to be notified about such acceptance
according to § 151 German Civil Code ("BGB").
In this Agreement, except where set forth otherwise,