Don’t be good - do GOOD and be SUPER!

We are delighted to announce an exciting collaboration between Staking Facilities and Superteam Germany, aimed at amplifying public good funding within the Solana ecosystem.

Superteam represents a global coalition of developers, educators, ambassadors, thinkers, and active contributors who collectively drive Solana towards peak performance and widespread adoption. Superteam's influence extends across various regions, such as SuperteamDE in Germany and SuperteamIN in India, known for their remarkable real-world events like HackerHouses, meetups, and an unwavering presence in the media.

From SlotLeaders to ThoughtLeaders

Staking Facilities has always been committed to the holistic development of the blockchain ecosystem, constantly pushing the boundaries to advance blockchain technologies.

We are dedicated to our communities and contribute in various ways, ranging from developing essential tools and informative dashboards to creating educational content through videos and blog posts, organizing in-person events, and providing sponsorship and funding. In this latest collaboration, we are leveraging our expertise where it matters most - by operating a Solana Validator dedicated to serving the public good in conjunction with SuperteamDE. All rewards generated by this Validator will be channeled into bolstering SuperteamDE's vibrant community.

This initiative is already operational, and you can easily find the Validator under the label "SuperteamDE x Staking Facilities | MEV Public Good Validator". It offers an attractive 5% commission rate, state-of-the-art hardware, top-tier performance, and is perhaps the most straightforward avenue to make a significant impact on communal projects and initiatives. By staking your SOL, you are directly contributing to SuperteamDE's mission to supercharge the Solana ecosystem. Furthermore, this Validator is MEV-enabled, designed to maximize your staking rewards through the Jito client.

To delve deeper into the world of staking on Solana, we invite you to explore our comprehensive Staking Academy, where you will find a wealth of information and invaluable guides to get you started on your journey.

Published on:
November 1, 2023