Today we are excited to announce Staking Facilities Ventures: our venture arm, fully sourced and bootstrapped from our own resources. For us this is the next logical step as we have been investing in all of the protocols we are running infrastructure for since our founding in 2017.

"We are quite selective in the protocols we decide to run, but once we back a protocol, we like our incentives to be aligned with our delegators."
-  Wolfgang Albrecht, CEO of Staking Facilities

We have been an early supporter of protocols like Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Dfinity.

Staking Facilities itself has been on an exciting growth path. We have grown from about $5M in Q1 2020 to now more than $2B assets staked with us. While this is partially due to market rerating of Proof-of-Stake in general, it also goes to show our aptitude to select good projects early on. While we also want to be thankful for our loyal community of delegators.

Here at Staking Facilities, we believe ecosystems around permissionless layer one blockchains based on Proof-of-Stake offer the chance to bring the vision of Web 3.0 into the hands of billions. We have invested into that foundational infrastructure over the last years and are especially looking to fund middleware protocols and applications that build on top of layer one blockchain infrastructure. We seek investments into projects that align with our fundamental investment theses:

: Interchain Operability

Just like trade between nations is economically beneficial to both, interchain operability is a cornerstone for a flourishing Web3.0 ecosystem.

INVESTMENT THESIS #2️: Seamless onboarding to Web 3.0

Let's face it: To reach the first billion users with new blockchain-based applications, onboarding & UX has a long way to go.


Protocols are disrupting finance. Starting with the foundational concept of money, asset ownership, exchange, yield generation, and capital efficiency.

"Primarily, we are looking for teams building towards the foundational thesis we outlined, however, driven entrepreneurial individuals convince us every time"
-  Louis Bauer, Ventures at Staking Facilities

With $25M in funds dedicated to Staking Facilities Ventures, we will be providing financing to early-stage teams committed to experiment and ship within this fast-evolving ecosystem.

“Our investment approach has always been technology-driven. We are eager to invest in cutting-edge technologies and disruptive protocols that are exciting to us as crypto natives. We are looking for investments where we also want to be users.”
-  Florian Liss, CTO at Staking Facilities

For us, Staking Facilities Ventures is the missing piece in the puzzle to support protocols from inception to validation and long-term value capture. If this resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you. Our DMs are always open.

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Published on:
October 20, 2021