In an era where digital security is paramount, we are proud to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to operational excellence and data security: we’ve successfully achieved the ISO 27001:2022 certification, a testament to our steadfast dedication to the highest standards of information security management.

In October 2023, after a rigorous auditing process conducted by TÜV Rheinland, one of the world's leading testing service providers, Staking Facilities was awarded the ISO 27001:2022 certification. This internationally recognized standard affirms our commitment to managing information security risks effectively.

Why ISO 27001:2022 Matters

ISO 27001:2022 is more than just a certification; it's a framework that ensures the robustness of our information security management system (ISMS). This standard revolves around a risk-based approach to data security, involving systematic identification and management of information security risks. It encompasses not just IT but all organizational processes, making it a holistic approach to securing sensitive data.

Our Journey to ISO

Achieving this certification was no small feat. It involved a comprehensive evaluation of our processes, policies, and practices. From employee training to incident response mechanisms, every aspect of our operations was scrutinized. This achievement underscores our pledge to maintain the highest level of security in every facet of our operation, ensuring the safety and integrity of our clients' assets.

Implications for Our Stakeholders (pun intended)

For our clients and partners, this certification is more than just a badge of honor. It's a reassurance that their stake is in safe hands. Our adherence to ISO 27001:2022 standards means that we are equipped to handle the evolving landscape of digital threats, thereby safeguarding their interests and maintaining trust.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to continuous improvement. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so are its challenges. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, constantly refining our processes and systems to meet, and exceed, industry best practices.

At Staking Facilities, security is our top priority. Achieving the ISO 27001:2022 certification is not just a reflection of our current standards but also a foundation for our future endeavors. We thank our dedicated team and partners for their support in this journey and pledge to continue delivering services that uphold the highest security standards in the industry.

Published on:
February 2, 2024