How to stake $TIA with the Keplr Wallet Browser Extension

This in-depth manual will walk you through the process of creating a Keplr wallet and subsequently staking your $TIA tokens on the Celestia blockchain. We will be using the Keplr Wallet web app browser extension to accomplish this, negating the necessity for a hardware wallet. However, we anticipate that support for hardware wallets, such as a Ledger device, will be implemented in the near future. As a rule of thumb, we always advise using a hardware or cold wallet whenever feasible.

Please note that this guide is applicable to Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Brave Browser.

But first, let’s briefly cover some basics:

What is Celestia?

Celestia is a groundbreaking modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users, making it easy for anyone to launch their own blockchain.

Modular blockchains are a new paradigm in blockchain design. Instead of one blockchain doing everything, modular blockchains specialize and optimize to perform a given function. This specialization provides breakthroughs in scalability, flexibility, and interoperability, enabling developers to build blockchain applications for mass adoption.

If you hold $TIA tokens, you can help fortify the network's security by staking (also referred to as delegating) your tokens with a validator. This guide will break down the process and explain how to do this in easily understandable terms.

What is the Keplr Wallet?

Keplr is an open-source web app, mobile application, and browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. It provides functionalities for account and wallet management for all Cosmos-based blockchains. It also supports Celestia and it’s native $TIA token.

Part 1: Setting up your Keplr wallet

To get started, jump over to

  • click ‘Install Keplr’
  • click ‘Add to Chrome’ & then Approve in the subsequent pop-up
  • On the Keplr window click ‘Create a new wallet’

If this is the first time setting up a Keplr wallet, click ‘Create new wallet’

In case you already have an existing wallet with your Recovery Phrase (aka. private key / mnemonic seed) phrase at hand, either click ‘Import existing wallet’ or use your existing wallet and skip to the second part of this guide to learn how to stake your $TIA tokens.

Never share this info with anyone - not your validator, the Keplr team, or anyone from the Celestia ecosystem. For the remainder of this guide, we’ll assume that this is your first time setting up a Keplr wallet.

  • Read the security advice displayed on the screen. To show your recovery phrase click ‘I understood. Show my phrase.’
  • Copy your new recovery phrase and store it in a secure location. Click ‘Next’
  • Verify your recovery phrase by entering the requested fields.
  • Create your Wallet name (optional) and your Keplr password.

And there you have it! Your Keplr wallet has been created! Congratulations! If you would like to pin the wallet extension to your Chrome bar click the white pin next to the Keplr extension and it will show up in the browser bar.

Part 2: Staking your $TIA token

Navigate to the Keplr Dashboard and type into your browser. This is the main view of your Keplr dashboard - in it, you can find

  1. Your Celestia address
  2. An overview of all your tokens
  3. Additional Sections such as “NFTs” (an overview of all your precious Celestia collectibles)
  4. Your Transaction History
  5. And most important - Staking!

If you like, enable desktop notifications to get notified about your wallet activity, a specific NFT collection, or dApp running on the Celestia blockchain.

If you hit the staking menu icon on the left, you can:

  1. Browse the assets you would like to stake
  2. Get an overview of available assets, staked assets
  3. See the current APR’s of each network
  • Select the asset you would like to stake - in our case click ‘Celestia’

In the following window, you will be able to select your staking validator.

  1. You will find the total amount of tokens staked
  2. Commission
  3. And the current voting power
  • Click on your favorite validator - in this case, ‘StakingFacilities’.
  • In the subsequent pop-up window, click ‘Stake’

In the following pop-up window, you are able to enter the amount of $TIA you would like to stake.

Note to make sure not to stake the entire amount of your $TIA token, so that you have some funds left to cover transaction fees. Transaction fees (aka. Gas Fees) are low on Celestia, so 1 TIA can cover a lot of transactions. Click ‘Stake’ and confirm the transaction in your wallet pop-up window.

After a brief moment, you’ll be able to find all your staking activities in the ‘Staking’ tab within the Keplr wallet. Your stake will take some time to activate and start earning rewards.

And that’s a first wrap - congratulations, you are now officially a delegator on the Celestia blockchain network. We highly appreciate your support and are stoked to have you on board with us.

Part 3: Managing your $TIA staking operations

How to stake more $TIA tokens

In case you want to increase the amount of $TIA tokens to be staked, simply repeat the steps from part 2 of this guide.

To foster decentralization and in turn increase the security of the Celestia blockchain and ultimately its’ value, delegate to multiple validators.

How to stop staking your $TIA tokens

Visit the ‘Staking’ tab on the Keplr wallet UI and click on the respective row within the Staking table. In the subsequent pop-up, click ‘Unstake’ or ‘Redelegate’ (if you want to change your validator’. In the following pop up you will be able to specify the amount to unstake.

After clicking ‘Unstake’ and confirming the transaction your token unstaking period begins. Be aware that it will take 21 days for the full amount to be liquid.

You can stop the unstake at any time during the 21-day unstaking period.

Useful Resources

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Published on:
November 8, 2023